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To preserve the taste of tradition…

Onggojib works hard to protect our traditions.

Resolute to protect our traditions, we have inherited the traditional method of making sauces to perfect the deep flavors of Korean cuisine.

Every step is manual, using beans produced in Korea as ingredient. They are fermented in a red clay room, molded into cubes and strung together, then mixed with summer squash (mushroom powder) fermented for a year with barley powder. The mixture is then fermented for another year in a crock, bringing that rich taste of tradition.

Onggojib’s sauces will satisfy the consumer desire for variety in bean paste, made special by the addition of summer squash (mushroom) compared to the other, standardized pastes.

In addition, in contrast to the generic bean paste that is extremely salty, Onggojib’s paste is made with barley powder, which saccharizes in the process of bean fermentation, leaving the flavor less salty, sweeter, and richer.

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At Onggojib, a classic producer of 20 years, 100% of the ingredients used are produced in Korea So that the savory and rich taste of tradition is maintained.

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  • With the clean water and air of Gunsan,
    Jeollabuk-do, the pastes are stored in traditional crocks to be
    fermented in natural sunlight.
  • We will bring healthiness to your meals with
    these traditional crocks in nature,
    with our resolve for keeping the traditional taste alive.
  • onggojib company