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Pride in making only the best

House of virtuoso, determined management philosophy of competing with quality taste

· Reconstruction of rich paste flavor with inherited traditional processes
· Only high quality beans produced in Korean partner farms (Gunsan, Gochang) selected for use
· Complete fermentation for 2 years or more in traditional crocks placed in clean nature
· Decreased salinity of pastes by 5% on average to help with healthy diet
· Added chili seed powder to maximize sweet and savory flavor
· Continued research for functional pastes
· ISO 9001 Certification: production of clean products with modernized facility
· HACCP Certification: constant inspections and checkups through food inspection authorities
· Certified prevention of browning: browning prevention ability proven by Biology Department at Jeonbuk University
· LOHAS Certification: management philosophy and eco-friendliness proven by Korean Standards Association
· Halal Certification: certification granted to expand into halal markets
· Certified as Complex Agricultural Industry: certified to nurture and support complex agricultural industry
· Certified by Governor of Jeollabuk-do: designated as representative product of Jeollabuk-do for its competitiveness
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